When planning a move, one of your major concerns always is how to protect your furniture when moving it to the new location. You want to ensure that all the furniture is damage-free when you move into your new home. If you do not take the proper precautions, your wooden furniture may get scraped or gouged, the upholstery can get ripped and the glass may break.

The Supplies

Fortunately, with a few basic supplies & some simple tricks, you will be able to move all your belongings without stressing about any possible damage. The things you will need for the packing are:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Sofa & mattress covers
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Sealable plastic bags

Things to Focus On

These are the 3 ways you can ensure that your furniture is properly protected:

#1 Before Packing

Before you start packing anything, spend some time and thoroughly dust and clean the furniture. Debris & dust can scratch the wooden surfaces while the pieces are being moved. When you clean the furniture, it also means you will have less to do once you move into your new home.

Walk around the entire house and remove all the casters, knobs and pulls from all the furniture. Take all the drawers out of the desks & dressers and pack them carefully. This will also lighten the heavy furniture and give you some extra space for storage.

#2 Dismantle Furniture

Do this when possible. Remove the legs from couches and tables and if you can, take the bed frames apart and remove the cushions. The furniture will be easier to move & will prevent the damage that is caused by brushing-up against door frames and walls. Packing the moving truck will also be simpler. Here are some pointers:

  • If available, use the user’s manual while dismantling the furniture to get it right
  • Put all the hardware and screws in sealable bags and then tape them to the furniture they belong to. This will ensure you don’t lose any of it during the move
  • If a particular piece of furniture has too many pieces, make use of masking tape & a marker and note where each piece goes
  • Dismantle the furniture the previous day to save time on the moving day

#3 Wrap It All

When it comes to safe removal of furniture, plastic sheeting & Bubble Wrap are 2 essential tools. Use Bubble Wrap to effectively protect all the delicate wood pieces. Use plastic wrap/specially-designed plastic sofa covers to protect the upholstered items. Packing blankets & old blankets also do the trick. This added protection will prevent scratches and gouges while the furniture is on the moving truck.

Protect glass table tops & mirrors with bubble wrap. Tape a big “X” on that item first. In case of a breakage, it will not shatter that easily. While wrapping glass or mirror, add extra bubble wrap at the corners and place it between 2 corrugated cardboard sheets.

The Right Placement

When it comes to moving furniture via truck, placement is all-important. When you plan carefully, it will make things much simpler for you & the movers.

  • Create a wall of boxes right across the back-end of the van/truck. Try to place same size boxes and the ones that the heaviest and ensure that they all are tightly sealed and packed
  • Move in all the desks and dressers or any other square furniture and position them against the boxes- This will provide added cushioning. Place corrugated cardboard/blankets between pieces
  • Place more boxes on top of the dressers making sure that they are tightly-packed and lightweight- to prevent slippage
  • The mattress goes in next. Ensure that you place it on a blanket first
  • Take extra care with the upholstered items and use blankets for added protection. Use some rope and secure all the pieces to the hooks inside the truck and choose which items you want to pack around them

Hire the Experts

Take care while the truck is being unloaded too. If you go about the packing in a planned manner, the move doesn’t have to be stressful. Secure and pack all your furniture smartly and take some of the worry out of the process. This will also ensure that all the items arrive at your new home in good shape. For the best removal services contact No Worries Removals on 1300 450 889.

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