Moving home or office can be a humongous task and definitely not an enviable one. Anyone who has moved from one place to another will know the amount of stress it involves and the number of things that have to be taken into account is truly mind-boggling.

But it’s the age of technology and if we can’t put it to use in every single aspect of our lives, of what use is it? Today, it’s possible to find a number of moving apps that can help in reducing the stress of moving and ease the process in a very significant way. These range from ones that can help you find a new apartment to ones that will provide you information about neighbourhoods and help you create planners.

Let’s take a look at 6 popular moving apps:

#1, Keep track of your items with the Moving App

Never forget where you have packed an item with the ‘Moving App’ on either iPhone. You can use this app to take pictures of the content of the box as well as make note of exactly what they are. This way if you need to find a particular item when you get to your new office or residential place, you can do so quickly by consulting with the Moving App.

#2, Scope the Neighbourhood with Walk Score

Once you have found the house you like, it’s important to get to know that neighbourhood better. Use the Walk Score app to find out where the closest restaurants, grocery stores, schools and parks are. A higher score is indicative of a better walkability of the new neighbourhood. You are able to look at photos that have been posted by real-estate professionals and read insider information that has been posted by locals.

#3, Track Expenses with Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

It’s a challenging task to find a new place, but then tracking all those additional expenses can be quite overwhelming. Dr’s Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is a great way to view various costs- This means you will have fewer surprises to deal with when you actually sign on the dotted line. There is a payment adjustor which allows you to see the manner in which monthly payments will change and help you calculate mortgage rates and save money.

#4, The iMoving Estimator

This is a free app by Applosophy and an excellent way of creating a moving budget & an inventory list of all your home contents. Apart from assisting with the estimation of the moving cost, you can also access the amount of stuff you have and the cost for moving it all. It’s a user-friendly app and you can do a room-by-room listing of all your things.

#5, Plan it Perfectly with the Move Planner

When it comes to moving home, planning is everything. This fantastic app, Move Planner, has 100 different pre-populated tasks that you should be attending to, before you move. You also have the functionality to add your own tasks as required and this is a very handy checklist that can be stored on your phone.

#6, Use Moving Day in the Best Way

The Moving Day App is free for the Apple iPhone has a built-in barcode scanning function as well as label-making capabilities. You can create barcodes via your iPhone, print and tape them to all the boxes. Once you have moved to your new home, simply scan the bar code on a box to find out what’s inside. You can use generic lists that the app has, or just create your own.

Get Apping!

Hopefully this list of 6 Moving Apps to help you move will make it just that little bit easier to get organised when moving your home or office furniture. Make the apt decision and use these and any other moving apps to ease the moving process for you. After all, what’s life without a sprinkling of technology?

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