So you are moving into a new home soon and are now planning on getting rid of some of the furniture and items that you no longer need. To do this you are planning on having a garage sale and know for sure that there are a lot of things you want to get out there. But don’t get overly excited and forget to plan the garage sale well, keep in mind that organisation is everything. That is the only way to get it right, make sure that all the items are accounted for and that you make enough of a profit too.

Running a successful Garage Sale:

Here are our 8 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your garage sale:

Start organising your Furniture

As soon as you know that you are going to be moving, you should be starting to think about what items you want to keep, what items you would like to sell and what items are going to the tip. Next and if possible, you want to start to organise the items you are going to sell at the garage sale into a pile so that they don’t get them mixed up with the other pieces that you are keeping or getting rid of.

Collecting additional items:

If you want a lot of things in the sale, you will have to ensure that you are collecting other items as they arise within the time frame that you have. Simply keep a big cardboard box in an empty space or under the stairs and the minute you or a family member finds something they are not using any longer, simply stick it in that box. Once its full, stick it with the other items for the garage sale and set out another box.

At least 1 week before the sale, go through your home again with a fine-toothed comb and pull out all the clutter you can find that you may have missed initially. It is important to find everything that you want to put into garage sale now as really, it is just lost profit if you find it afterwards.

Adding price tags:

Set aside an entire day (just a few days before the sale), to add price tags to all the items you are planning on selling. It is important to be realistic with your prices but also take into account that a lot of people might want to haggle. So dropping your prices too low, will make this a little more difficult.

Sure, its simpler to just bunch up a few products and place a card with $1 on it, but its more efficient to add price tags/stickers to every single product. There are times when people shy from asking the prices of things and having those tags makes it simpler for them to make a quick buy.

Advertising your Garage Sale:

The final piece of the organisation puzzle should be about advertisig your garage sale and creating some awareness about it. There are two main ways you can do this:

Traditional Marketing:
We have all seen the cardboard signs, letting everyone know that there is a garage sale in the area and when it will be. You too can follow a similar tactic as it very easy to do and little to no cost. Find strategic spots to display your banner ads and make sure that you position them at spots where there is a lot of traffic of both cars and people. You may also like to check the local shopping centres and put a note on the notice boards alerting people to your sale.

Online Marketing:
These days it is easier than ever to place an ad online or let people know about your garage sale via a social media channel. Here are a few websites that you might like to visit and share your notices there:

You also need to check whether a license is required to run the sale in your area.

Setting up your displays:

Just as advertising is all important, the actual display at the garage sale location is also all-important. Segregate all the clothes, bits and pieces, kitchen appliances, pots and pans gadgets, etc into tidy displays. Take the time to make each section look as presentable as possible.

Team up with someone:

This is probably one of the most important points of having a garage sale. Team up with a friend or two. There will be more things to display and the responsibilities of organizing the sale also get divided amongst everyone involved. It’s also much more fun to have friends on board too as it can be a long day or couple of days.

Timing it right:

This is also quite a crucial factor. If you plan on having a garage sale when it’s freezing cold or blazing hot, expect a very low turnout. Instead, based on where you live, plan on a time that will have more pleasant weather. People will be encouraged to come out and see what you have and buy from you if they see something that they like.

Mark Down Prices:

In most instances, things will pick up over the last day of your garage sale. Hand out some rock-bottom bargains for your customers and see the products flying off the shelves.

Your Garage Sale will be a great success

In addition to all these things, don’t forget to set out some refreshments, things like lemonade and home-made cookies are great. Have children set a couple of stalls near the sale area, your customers will be happy and the little ones will make some pocket money too.

So, go ahead, plan your garage sale right, get rid of the clutter, have some fun and rake in the moolah!

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