If you are moving house, or even relocated your office, there is bound to be loads of furniture and other things to move to your new home. You will surely have a number of things to take care of before and after the move and its best to hire the services of a professional furniture removal company to help with shifting all your belongings.

Here is a look at just some of the advantages of hiring a Furniture Removalist company in Sydney to help you with your move:


A reliable removalist company will move all your belongings to your new house in a seamless and safe manner. They also ensure that all the things are handled carefully while they are being shifted. In addition, they take care to ensure that there is no damage or theft in transit and they take extra care of fragile products so that everything gets to its destination in one piece.

All-Round Services

This is a big advantage of hiring the services of a Furniture Removalist Company in Sydney. They handle the entire relocation task and ensure that you do not have to deal with any stress or strain. They will pack and unpack all of your furniture and belongings from one location to the next. This leaves you with more time & energy to handle other activities like, how do you want your new home to look…

Knowledge of Sydney

A furniture removalist company that has been in operation for a few years will have a great understanding of Sydney, the roads and the traffic. This is really important as we know that places in Sydney, like the Northern Beaches, can get quite congested and therefore can be hard to move around in, so having someone who knows the area will be better able to manoeuvre away from it.

Time Saver

Furniture Removalists are experts at moving things and they can handle the job in the most efficient manner, in the shortest possible time. You will find that when they are handling the process, everything gets done much faster and you are left with enough time to deal with other more pressing things.

Save Money

It’s a misconception that hiring these services can cost you a hand and foot. As a matter of fact, they can help you save money as they have larger trucks and are also able to move things in a more efficient manner. This means you will not have to make multiple trips in your own car or truck and you also end up saving time. It’s possible to find a company that will charge you a reasonable fee and do a professional job.

Prevent Injury

If you try a DIY move, chances are that you might hurt yourself while moving heavy furniture like closets, beds or sofas – especially if there are stairs involved. When you hire the services of a reliable furniture removalist company, their strong and have the right equipment to move the heaviest of furniture with ease.

Damaging the building

When you are moving heavy furniture down stairs or through small doorways, there are chances of it banging into walls and damaging the paint or other fittings. Removalist companies know exactly how to move the furniture out, without causing any damage to the property. If you try to action this move by yourself and end up damaging a rental property, you will have to pay to have it fixed or have it come out of your bond, which could then become a very expensive proposition.

Creation of Inventory

Though you will definitely have your own moving checklist and Planner for the big move, professional removalists maintain very detailed documentation. This is prepared when the packing is taking place and they will make a very detailed inventory of everything that is being moved. This makes unpacking a super-easy job for you, once you have reached your new house

Things to Remember

With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that a number of people prefer hiring the services of a furniture removalist company in Sydney for their residential or office move, instead of being saddled with a number of different hassles and technicalities to take care of. The important point here is to hire the services of a company that will be able to provide you with reliable services at a competitive rate.

Don’t forget to ask for a quote

Ideally, you should ask for quotes from different furniture removalist companies and then settle for one that provides you with comprehensive services at a realistic price. If you would like a quote from No Worries Removals to move your furniture, simply fill out the form on our ‘get a quote‘ page.

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