When you are moving to a new home, the one thing you wonder is whether all your existing furniture will fit in well in the new place. If you are planning on taking all your furniture with you, chances are there will be some pieces that you feel don’t fit in too well with the available floor space. The bedroom furniture generally isn’t too much of an issue, as the space is generally sufficient to place a bed, the wardrobe and maybe some comfortable seating arrangement.

However, the living room can pose a bigger challenge. It’s because every house has a different floor plan in the common living areas. Every living room is bound to have some design challenges. Knowing what the most common living room layouts are will help you ascertain whether any or all of your furniture will comfortably fit in that space. It will also help you find what’s most comfortable and inviting from your personal point of view.

4 Most Common Layouts

#1 Narrow Lounge Room

This is one of the commonest living room layouts. If your new home has this type of a layout, you will have to be very careful with the way you design it; or you run the risk of it ending up looking just like a hallway and all the furniture will be lined up against its walls. If your existing furniture is large, consider replacing it with smaller pieces – a compact 2-seater couch or a single comfortable chair placed in one corner with smaller settees around it will help you create more than one focal point and break the liner look that this type of a layout creates.

#2 Square Living Room

This type of a layout typically encourages a more formal setting. You can place elegant seating on either side of this room; the focal point should be in the middle; this will pull the whole room together. If you prefer your living room to have a more intimate vibe, you can have occasional chairs placed casually around an ottoman or a small coffee table.

#3 Open Living Room

In this type of plan, the lines between the living, kitchen and dining areas are blurred. Here, you would have to ensure that your furniture doesn’t block the movement flow between spaces. You can create zones by placing area rugs.
Regardless of the type of living room layout in your new home, you should always design it according to your personal preferences rather than any current trends. These change with every season and the most important thing is that your furniture should look like it belongs in the home and you should feel comfortable living there.

#4 The right furniture-the right designs

If you want a truly timeless living room scheme, just stick to neutral coloured couches & ottomans. In fact, if you move often, it’s best only to have some basic furniture that you carry with you and the rest should be acquired based on the layout of the living room in the new house. It’s also a good idea to get rid of all the excess things before you move out of your older home. That gives you the scope to think clearly about how you would like to position furniture in your new home.

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