Moving is not a simple task and anyone who has moved houses will know that when it comes to packaging and boxes, you need a range of options to options to choose from. As an expert and well-established company in the removals industry, we are able to provide you with different types of moving boxes to suit all your packaging needs while you are relocating.

Moving Boxes:

Tea Chest

tea-chest-boxThese are large boxes in which you can pack lighter items like bedding, pillows, clothing and toys. These are double-strength boxes that are suitable for high-volume, low-weight items. These heavy-duty boxes are ideal for use when you are moving house as well as long-term storage and they will not deteriorate very quickly.

Book & Wine Box

book-and-wine-boxThese are smaller boxes that can be used to move and store different medium to small-sized items. They can be used to move wine bottles, cutlery, crockery and books. These boxes are strong and can be used for packing and storage. If you are using them to transport wine bottles, use inserts which will hold the bottles in place during the move. These are essentially dividers that have to placed in the box and they keep the bottles safe.

Cube Cartons

These are best for moving & storing much larger goods that are also fragile such as computers, LCD TV’s and other fragile electrical or electronic equipment. These are large enough to store large TV’s and they are also easy to offload and unload from vans and trucks. These boxes are used for shipping products across the country too.


port-a-robeMoving all your expensive clothes is a breeze with these well-structured and functional boxes. Every home has a lot of clothing. This means all that folding & organizing can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. But this port-a-robes have a rail in them and are literally portable wardrobes. They are also a great way to store your clothes temporarily in your new home, while you are getting things organized in the new place.

Picture Cartons

They are perfect for moving & storing medium & small-sized pictures, mirrors, paintings and table-tops. These are single-layer cardboard boxes and you do not have to stack the box with multiple paintings and frames. This keeps your pictures well-protected during the move.

Safe Spot Box

These are medium-sized boxes that can be used to move very important & essential items and ensures that they are not lost while you are moving. They will be put last on the truck and they will also be the first ones to be off-loaded. They are speciality packaging that are ideal for products like remote controls, furniture screws, a kettle, assembly tools and a first-aid kit.

Flat Packs

This box is ideal for any item that has to be stored in a horizontal position with nothing stacked on top of it. These are generally used for large and delicate garments like wedding dresses that you need to pack flat.

Archive Boxes

These are very durable & easily-stackable boxes which make moving and long-term storage an easy task. The speciality of these boxes is that they do not require any packing tape and you can access them easily any time you need something that is stored in them. You can use these boxes to move and store records, documents and personal or business files.

Box it Right

While moving can be stressful, using the right kind of boxes to pack and move the goods in your home and residence is a good way to ensure that all of your belongings are safe and that there will be no damage to them while you are relocating. Since these boxes are sturdy and durable, they can also be stored in the new location or any other place, until the time you are ready to unpack the items in them.

What is probably even more important is the removal company you choose. Having a reliable and professional company like No Worries Removal handle the job, is the best way to have a safe and seamless move. For more information about the kind of moving boxes you need and our charges for removals, contact us via our website or pick up the phone and call us on 1300 450 889.

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