When you tell kids you’re moving, they feel powerless as they don’t really have any kind of input in this decision. The one way to ease their tension and anxiety is to involve them in most of the other decisions, and keep them entertained when moving house. Regardless of what their ages are, moving with children is a challenge and you may wonder how you are going to keep them entertained all day.

Some Tips

Here are our top tips to on how to entertain the kids when moving house:

#1 Involve the Kids in the Packing

This is one of the best things to do. It’s an excellent idea to organise all the moving boxes with color coded labels much before the big day. If your kids are old enough for this, assign a few colours to each of them and quickly turn this colour tagging into a game. Let them go through the house and locate all the boxes with the same colour and group them together (they can lift the lighter ones).

#2 A Moving Day Journal

If your kids are old enough to read and write, give them a blank journal and tell them to pen their thoughts in it. They can add photos that they have taken, draw pictures, and write about any other things that they can think of.

#3 Family Pet Care

If you have a family pet, and your child is old enough to keep watch, let her/him have this responsibility. Let your kid keep track of the pet’s bathroom breaks and food when you are travelling in your vehicle on moving day.

#4 Car Games and Board Games

If you are travelling in your own car on the day of the move, you can pack some fun board games and these will help keep them entertained. Play quizzes games or guessing games while you are driving to your new home.

#5 Unpack Belongings

Moving to a new place is a major adjustment for kids; and you should make them feel important. Even before you start packing all the things from the living room, kitchen etc, give them a few boxes of their own and help them pack their things first.

#6 A Camping Zone

While the removalist crew is busy moving all the boxes and furniture, it’s a good idea to ensure that the kids are far away from all the chaos and that they don’t get in the way of the movers. It’s a good idea to set up a tent with a DVD player and some sleeping bags. Tell them that they can “camp out” for just a few hours as the movers complete their job. Once the removalists have finished moving everything, quickly pack all the camping gear into a box and drive out.

#7 Unpacking Scavenger Hunt

Hand over a list of different items to your kids and tell them to look for all these things, after they have been delivered to the new home. If they have done their own packing, tell them to locate all the boxes that have their things in them. If you have more than one child, add some flair to this activity and award a small prize to the child who completes his/her list first.

#8 Movies

Pick out some good movies for moving day. Your children can watch these in the car or plane. You can use a tablet or laptop in case your vehicle doesn’t have a DVD player.

#9 Hide-and-seek at the New House

Once you have moved to your new house let your children get familiar with their new surroundings, by playing hide-and-seek. Ensure that they know which areas are off limits such as unfinished attics and basements.

#10 Enjoy playing with Old Packing Materials

Depending on how old your children are, once you have finished unpacking, let them play with the packing boxes and the packing peanuts. They can burst the bubble wrap by stamping on it. Once they have spent some of their energy, they may calm down a bit and help you with your unpacking tasks.

Hassle-Free Move

Yes, it’s true that moving with kids can be difficult, but if you follow these tips, you will find that it’s easier to manage them and keep them entertained. If you are moving and need the services of reliable professionals, call No Worries Removals at 1300 450 889.

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