When it comes to moving any home, you can always be guaranteed that there will be a few boxes just of glass items alone. Regardless of whether you are packing some crystal glasses or heirloom china, you need to ensure that they all reach the destination in one piece. To do this you will have to handle them with care and follow some simple and effective packing methods.

Getting the right sized box:

Select the perfect-sized box that will permit you to pack a maximum of 4.5 kgs or 10 lbs. This box is generally referred to as a “dish barrel” or in our case, a “Tea Chest Box”. It is crucial that the size of the box be kept compact as packing an excessive number of pieces in one box will make moving it around a difficult task. A larger box might also be miss placed and put at the bottom of the pile in the van or truck which can result in the glassware being damaged.

As an extra precaution, you might also like to add some packing peanuts or cushion foam at the bottom of this box, before you place any wrapped glassware into it. This will add additional support and cushioning to the glassware, making it that little bit more durable.

Carefully wrap each piece of glass:

Wrap each glass/dish/cup or mug in bubble-wrap or butches paper. It is important to wrap each piece of glassware separately as that will provide added protection. If you are wrapping more than one piece in each sheet, ensure that they do not touch each other. Maintain enough of layering and padding around each piece – you do not skimp on the wrapping materials.

Packing the boxes

Next, pack all these individually-wrapped pieces in the box and arrange them with scrunched-up paper or cushion foam, between each piece. Some objects will require extra care when placing them inside of the box. Insert a set of spacers in the boxes that will effectively keep the glassware separated. This will prevent breakage. All the heavier glasses should be packed at the bottom of the box and the fragile ones should be packed above them.

Pack all the empty spaces of each box with foam, packing peanuts or scrunched-up paper. This will ensure that all the items stay in place. If you find any movement, gently add some more packing materials into the box.

Packing other breakables

If you are packing plates:

Place them on their edges as they stay much stronger when you pack them like that. Do not forget to add scrunched-up paper to the box that has plates. Position them correctly and then slide in some bubble wrap, cardboard or foam between them and pad them well from all sides. Like the glassware, ensure that they don’t come in contact with each other.

If you are packing Casserole Dishes:

Always add some kind of cushioning in-between the actual bowl and lids of casserole dishes, teapots and sugar bowls. Once that has been done, you can wrap them just as you would a single unit.

Once all the glassware is inside the box, tape the lid firmly. Even if the lid has a shutting mechanism, it is better to tape it and prevent any kind of accidental opening while the box is in transit. Ensure that you write “This way up” and “Fragile” on all sides and the top of the box. Even better; write the contents on the box and tag them as “plates”, “ crystal glasses” etc.

Wrapping it up

As a final check, or wrapping it up – so to speak, see if there is any possibility of indentation. If you are able to compress the box from any side, when you place something on it, the pressure will surely damage the content. Add some more stuffing; this will prevent the box from compressing and and give it that extra support it needs.

Your Glassware is worth protecting

Though this entire exercise might seem like a time-consuming and tedious one, it is worth the time and effort. You definitely do not want to pack all your precious glassware in a hurry and then find that a number of them are damaged or broken, once you unpack them in your new home. It is also important that you hire a furniture removalists company that is responsible and experience enough to look after your items during the move.

All this care that you take, will make you feel a whole lot better when you see all your glassware on display in your new home.

Do you need Furniture Packing Materials

We have mentioned many different types of packing materials in this article, from boxes to butches paper and bubble wrap. If you are in need of any of these packing materials, you are able to purchase them from us. For more information and to see a complete list of the furniture packing materials that we offer, visit that page.

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