Everyone who has moved home knows that what a hassle it can be. There are just too many technicalities to take into account and just too many things to pack. The latter becomes the most time consuming and tedious job for anyone who is moving home. However, a little bit of planning can save you a lot of angst later, and will keep your removalist happy too.

Plan Your Packing – Some Tips

Packing is more of a science and knowing what kind of packing materials and boxes to use needs a certain amount of planning. It’s much more than just buying a whole lot of packing supplies and boxes and packing things in them. Here are a few packing tips for moving house:

#1 Choose the right size of the boxes

You have to choose the right size of boxes and limit yourself to only 2/3 sizes – This will ensure that all your belongings fit in well and stay secure and it will be easier for the removalist to move and stack them well. If you have boxes of too many varying sizes, it becomes very difficult to make optimum use of the space in the van or truck.

#2 Tape the boxes properly

Tape the top and the bottom of all the moving boxes. This ensures that the flaps don’t open up while they are being hauled into the truck, transported or moved out of the truck at the destination.

#3 Label the boxes

Label the top and side of every box, in clear writing. It’s also a good idea to colour code the boxes according to the room they belong to. This makes the moving process much more organised. Since the movers know just by looking at the boxes, which room they belong to, the job gets done quicker! Apart from the fact that it helps the removalists, you benefit too (since local moves get charged by the hour).

#4 Boxes should be packed right to the top

Make sure that all the boxes are packed right to the top; there should be no space inside the box for its contents to move. It’s best to alternate fragile or heavy items with soft packing layers. The bottom and the top layers should be made of soft padding.

#5 Label boxes with fragile items

The boxes that contain fragile items should be labelled accordingly. These should be carefully stacked towards the top of the piles.

#6 Use the right type of boxes

Every removal company can provide you with specific boxes for specific things. The boxes that are used to store and move fragile items may be made of thinner grade cardboard while the ones that are designed to hold heavier ones, will be far thicker.

#7 Opt for plastic moving boxes

Today, it’s also possible to opt for plastic moving boxes. These are available in a range of sizes and are sturdy and easier to handle, than cardboard ones. Your removals company should be able to provide these if you want to hire them. Incidentally, they are also a green option as they are reusable and recyclable.

#8 Port-a-robe boxes for clothing

Opt for port-a-robe boxes for clothes that have to be transported hanging and make sure that you have specialised boxes to transport your wine bottles.

#9 Don’t over pack the boxes

Though it can be tempting to fill more stuff into a single box, it’s important not to over pack the boxes. Today, most removal companies provide packing supplies for free and it’s best to get more boxes than you think you need.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in which you can plan your packing so as to ensure that all your belongings stay safe and that your removalist is happy too. If you are moving and need the services of reliable professionals for the job, call No Worries Removals at 1300 450 889.

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