Moving can be a tedious and stressful exercise and it’s crucial to plan the packing and moving well, in order to prevent your belongings from getting damaged. If you are moving in the rains, the move becomes even more challenging and you have to take extra care that all the things are packed even more carefully. On a rainy day, the priority is to protect all your precious belongings.

If you are planning on using boxes you have collected from supermarkets or fruit stores, you might want to reconsider it. These boxes aren’t sturdy and they can’t really hold heavy objects and will also lose structure very quickly. It’s important that you opt for purpose-built cartons as they ensure durability on moving day. If you feel that it might rain on moving day, it’s a good idea to plan for it.

Benefits of Plastic Boxes

In this case, you would have to drop the idea of using cardboard boxes altogether. These boxes can’t stand up to rain. It’s a smarter idea to opt for recyclable plastic boxes. Today, a number of removalists provide these boxes. Take a look at the benefits of using them instead of standard cardboard ones:

  • These lightweight boxes are heavy-duty and strong
  • These are excellent for moving your belongings even under better weather conditions, but are a definite boon when you are moving in the rains
  • In addition to the fact that they are made of plastic, they also have textured bottoms, that prevent slipping when they are in the van/truck or even when they are stacked
  • The construction also has in-built handles which makes it even easier to lift and haul them into the truck, even when the weather is wet
  • Since removal companies rent these out, you also have the option to use these if you are keeping your things in storage. These can keep the things protected from moisture and mildew

Other methods of protecting boxes from the rain

If you do have some cardboard boxes to transport, the best way to keep them protected is to wrap them in the strong plastic wrap that is used in furniture wrapping. This will prevent them from soaking in the rain water either when they are kept in the open or while they are actually being transported in the truck. You can acquire these plastic covers from the removalist or get them from moving stores.

If you are unable to get those, use tarps or garbage bags. These are easily available and are equally effective in keeping the cardboard boxes dry. The other thing to do is when you are using plastic to cover the boxes, is to use extra packing tape; it tends to come loose in the rain; so, if you are using it, just give it and extra go-around.

A few other aspects

Apart from weather-proofing the boxes, there are a few more things you should do to keep the moving boxes dry. Cover the truck bottom. If any rain water gets into the transport vehicle, it will simply pool on the floor. Using a tarp or any other type of plastic covering on the truck floor helps prevent the boxes from getting drenched.

Keep in mind that rain always creates several issues and there is a significant increase in the risk of dropping, twisting and slipping, inside as well as outside the house. In short, almost every aspect of the move becomes extra hazardous in the rain. So take extra precautions and follow our tips for a safe move. If you are moving and need the services of reliable professionals for the job, call No Worries Removals at 1300 450 889.

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