Every person is different; while some don’t mind all the packing and will do it with great care; they may really dislike the unpacking. Others are just the opposite; they don’t mind unpacking and placing things in new rooms or where they should be, but they just can’t manage to handle the packing.

The simple fact is that both these things can be quite time consuming and when you move into your new home, you have so many things to organise and attend to that you wish there was something that would make the task easier. And there sure is! The best way to ensure that there’s less chaos and stress is to plan your unpacking when you move in.

Unpacking tips

If you are one of those people who research a lot on the Internet, you will notice articles that tell you it’s best to unpack one room at a time. We at No Worries Removals beg to differ here. We feel it’s much better to do things a little differently. This also means that the way you pack will affect the way you unpack as well. Here are a few tips to make things easy:

#1 Get rid of all the clutter

This is something you must have done when you packed up your old place, but you will find that there are still some things that you feel you don’t need or can afford to discard. Take this opportunity and discard or give away the things you haven’t used for a long time or feel you may not need. This will reduce the number of things you have to unpack.

#2 Recheck your inventory

Hopefully you created one when you moved and you know which box contains what. It also helps you identify whether everything has come in or not. This will help you start with unpacking.

#3 Decide which boxes are priority

This way you can start with all the essentials; the things you are going to need everyday like bathroom toiletries, medications etc. These are things you should be unpacking first.

#4 Decide which rooms to tackle first

Choose the rooms that are most important from the point of view of usage. Most people prefer to set the kitchens, bathrooms & bedrooms first. Just unpack the basics; the decorations and embellishments can wait.

#5 One room at a time

This is crucial or else you will have just too much to deal with. Once you have all the major furniture in place, and are left with setting up the decor etc, simply take up one room at a time. It’s the best way not to overwhelm you and tire yourself out. Go slow and decide which things are the most important right after the essentials and then start unpacking and setting those.

Other things to do

Put together a detailed list of tasks and designate some task to every family member if they are old enough to tackle them. This will help you get all those endless details completed properly. It’s also very important to unpack in phases and then put away those things before moving onto the next boxes. This will help avoid clutter and you will find you move through all the boxes much faster.

Get rid of the empty boxes as soon as possible, or you’re going to be tempted to store something in them. If you follow this methodical approach, you will find that you are able to finish unpacking much faster, without all the associated stress.

If you feel that you aren’t too inclined to handle the unpacking yourself, hire the services of the removalist who handled the move, to help you with the unpacking. For more information, call No Worries Removals at 1300 450 889. We are one of the leading companies in this space and provide excellent customised services and can handle moves of any scale and complexity.

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