When you are moving, the one way to make the entire exercise stress-free is to start early; in this context, there is no concept of starting too early. The fact is that packing always takes far longer that what people expect. It’s much better to tackle a little each day, rather than attempt to do everything just before the removalists arrive.

You are sure to need a large number of packing materials and boxes. The one way to get the quantity right is to double the estimate of the number of boxes you think you are going to need.

Different Sized Boxes

If you are going to be using the services of professional removalists, it’s a good idea to check with the company whether they are able to provide the boxes in advance. Alternatively, you can order the packing materials and boxes online too. It’s important to have boxes of different sizes – ranging from wardrobe boxes to ones for books and glassware. If you are wondering when you should start on all this – well , 4 weeks prior to the move, is a good time to start!

For those of you who are wondering whether it’s really necessary to start packing so much in advance, keep in mind that every room is bound to have a number of things, large and small. While most of those things are ones you use, you will find that there are a number of things that you can easily discard. If you decide to do all the packing, just a day before the movers arrive, you just won’t have the time to check which things you really need and which should be discarded.

This also means you will end up needing more boxes and packing materials; the removalists will take longer to move so many boxes and you may end up paying them more for the move. In simple words, start sorting, discarding and packing at least 4 weeks in advance and you won’t feel like you have a mountain to climb on the days leading up to the move.

The advantage of packing early

When you are wrapping and packing, it automatically motivates you to de-clutter. Even weeks in advance, you may not really have the time to clean every single room or closet. However, you still have the time to sift through all the things thoroughly and discard things you have no need for or haven’t used in a long time. You can sell those things or even donate them before the move. Go through all the drawers and cabinets in a meticulous manner; keep the layout of your new home in view when you are de-cluttering your old home and then decide what you would like to keep and which things you would want to discard.

Colour Coding

If you are handling all the packing yourself, keep in mind that the kitchen and the master bedroom should be packed last. Colour code or label your boxes properly; this helps in smoother running of the unloading process. In addition to tagging the boxes with the name of the room, you should also specifically mention the contents of the box, on the outside. This is especially true in the case of the boxes that hold the kitchen items; this makes unpacking very easy.

Going about packing in this meticulous manner helps ensure that everything is wrapped, labelled and packed safely. Since you have started packing weeks in advance, it helps you think carefully about which things you want to keep or clear and you will have less stuff to deal with, once you get to your new home.

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