If you are moving house, you know you have a big task in front of you. If you have made the decision to hire the services of a furniture removalist company, you will have to zero-in on one which will be able to provide you with a quality move.

It can be extremely exhausting to do everything yourself and at times, it can dangerous too. For example, if you do not know how to dismantle or handle large furniture, you can end up hurting yourself. Therefore, it’s best to call in the professionals to do the job. You will also have to conduct research on which furniture removalist you want to hire and this is something you must do well in advance.

However when it comes to choosing a particular furniture removalist in your area, we recommend not necessarily choosing the cheapest company that you can find.

Below we have listed a couple of reasons as to why this is:

Getting a few Quotes

Once you have identified different companies who operate in your area, the first thing to do is to get a quote from all of them. It is crucial not to stop at one quote from just one company. The minute you have more quotes, you will be in a better position to compare rates and the services they provide in that area. However as we have mentioned in previous blog posts, we do recommend you limit it to three… Many removal companies provide quotes online but there are a number of things that you will have to take into consideration before you decide which one to hire.

It can be at this point that you might be tempted to hire the services of the company that has provided you with the lowest quote; desist from doing so. It might not necessarily be the best deal because:

  • Different quotes cover different things: It is also very important to check the small print and all the terms and conditions
  • They may have bad reviews: The company that provides the lowest quotes might not always have the best reviews. Look online and check the reviews on websites like True Local or Google Places and read exactly what people who have used a particular company is saying about the experience.
  • Ask for a more detailed assessment: When you receive an instantaneous online quote that seems to be much less than what some other company has provided, do not rely on it completely. Ask the company for a detailed assessment. Ideally, the company should send across a sales estimator to your location and he or she will then price the quote in much more detail. Once this has been actioned, you might find that the company that seems to be charging lower rates, is now charging you much more compared to the other companies.
  • They charge you by the hour: Once the estimator has come to your location, it is also important to ask for an hourly rate. Some companies that quote lower rates at the outset, might have some hidden charges that you are not made aware of.
  • Quality should matter to them: When it comes to removals, quality of the services should be high on the priority list. A larger company that runs a very professional set-up will generally handle the move in a much more efficient manner. Having said that, there are niche companies that do a fantastic job too. So check around and see if they can provide you with references, regardless of what the quote was to begin with.
  • They might not be a registered company: If you have received an unbelievably low quote from any removalist company, check if it is a legitimate one. The one you hire should have at least a registered business name and ABN number and should also have adequate insurance coverage.
  • They might be cutting corners: Another reason for you to be wary of companies that provide lower quotes is that their personnel might not be that efficient or they might use much smaller and unreliable trucks, even when larger ones are required. This will increase the number of trips and as the amount of time taken for the move increases, so potentially could your rate.
  • Check on payment options: Reputable removal companies will accept credit & debit cards and it’s not advisable to hire a company that requests a very large deposit/payment only in cash

Make the Smart Choice

All these aspects are something you do not want to have to deal with at the last minute, and just as you plan everything else related to the move, ensure that you have a clear idea about what the quote will be, what exactly is covered and what isn’t. There might be incidentals that you will have to factor into the cost but always keep in mind that the lowest price to hire a furniture removal company is not always the best choice. Be smart and choose wisely.

If you are looking to move home or office and are on Sydney’s Northern Beaches or Sydney itself, then enquire with No Worries Removals. We can give you a proper furniture removalist quote that will be all inclusive and communicate to you exactly what will be covered so that you know exactly what you will be paying for.

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